FaceBook Page Latest News Autopost Bot

facebook bot - FaceBook Page Latest News Autopost Bot

This one is a must have if you own a FB page, and need to post content very often to you fan page, this bot will find the lated news realated to your blog or keyword you wish, will scrape parts of the article and will post a link to it, so you can have fresh content in your page. This is a demo of what you will get the bot to post:


How to use?

  1. Open the bot
  2. Imput your FB login data, the name of your fb page
  3. type how many posts you want to make in how much time
  4. then type your keyword and RUN the bot, now see the magic !

Bot takes almost 2 minutes to make 1 post, so be patient, im working in making the process faster in the next update.


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