uBot X – Free UI Elements Builder (updated Jun-5)

I found this script at ubot forum and made a few changes, so I came up with this simple ui builder, that can be costomized to build amazing looking ui buttons forms and more elements for your bots like the ones the ui builder uses, I hope is useful for some people, this is for ubot 5 and 6 (x), so it will work for any version as long as you use the ui html panel command


How to use?

  1. Open the bot
  2. Select the elemt type you want to generate
  3. Fill out the corresponding fields
  4. Click Generate Code button
    *Advanced variables
    Change the icon of the text box: Refer to the free awesome library, you can change it in the value(s) field, Ex. – envelope, key, code…
    Check /Select Mark for Switch box and Check box: It can be change it in the value(s) field, Ex. – checked – unchecked .
    Change colors of elements: You will have to know a little bit about css editing and you will be able to change all colors and sizes.
  5. Click Add To List to add up the full design
  6. Click Show Full List to se the whole preview of all your elements
  7. Once you finish creating all your elements, click the Export List button to export the full script to paste in ubot software into the ui html panel Command
  8. You can edit the results to your needs, change colors, sizes, or add a table and distribute your elements…I plan to add this options in the near future.

I will upload a video in how use all the options for this bot, is very simple play around I will update as soon as possible.


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