YouTube niche video downloader BOT

youtube video downloader - YouTube niche video downloader BOT

You will be able to download youtube videos based in a keywork or a niche, the program will download the newest and more relevant videos related to the keyword provided asap. It will download all your files in the Desktop>YouTubeBot>Videos. Do not edit, move or delete any files in the folder or bot will no longer work.

youtube bot - YouTube niche video downloader BOT


How to use?

  1. Drag the YouTubeBot folder to the desktop
  2. Open the bot “Youtube Niche Video Downloader.exe”
  3. Imput your keyword and click search
  4. Imput Number of videos to download
  5. Click “Download” Button
  6. Wait for results! Your videos will be in the same folder at Desktop>YouTubeBot>Videos


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